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Purpose & Mission of the Centre


Planet 47 is a research & development centre for children and young people with Down’s syndrome (DS). This centre’s main purpose is to help these children with their growth and give their families an opportunity to really get to know them, to see beyond their disorder and learn how to live with it.

It is crucial for us to abolish the prejudices about Down’s syndrome. It is most commonly seen as nothing but a problem, but it is, in fact, an additional quality that can – if the perspective is changed – significantly enrich the lives of everyone involved. And this is the aspect we are working on.

Planet 47 aims to discover and implement the rare possibilities for integrating these children into society by finding and developing their talents. That, of course, is not possible without the dedicated cooperation of Down’s syndrome childrens’ parents, therefore our centre is providing information, workshops and seminars to help their families better understand the nature of DS and the special needs resulting from it.

Every year, March 21st is a World Down’s Syndrome Day and we arrange special events related to it. Our first very successful achievement was a 2009 concert at the Bonifika Hall in Koper/Capodistria. You can watch it here. Since then we have organized another three succesfull charity concerts.

For a more detailed description of the Planet 47 Project, please click here.

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